Hello the USA!!!


WPAI USA welcomes passionate photographers in the USA to a world of opportunities and exposure!!!


WPAI USA, a sister concern of WPAI India, is a society for the development and promotion of the art of photography. WPAI USA feels immensely proud to be in the USA, a country of geographical wonders, cultural diversity, the world’s best cityscapes and beautiful people. Photography in the USA is a popular passion among the youngsters. The country is a leading producer of professional photographic works of different genres exhibited in different international events across the globe. The Photographic Society of America (PSA) is one of the leading non-profit organisations that has been recognising international photography clubs and events in more than 60 countries since 1934. 


After an overwhelming response from India for almost one decade, WPAI has endeavoured to spread its wings in different nations like Austria, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Malta, and finally the USA. WPAI USA wishes to create a photography community for passionate budding photographers in the USA with the active support of professional photographers here. WPAI USA will help the photographers and the photography clubs in the USA to organise PSA recognised events along with WPAI’s own events like photography seminars, photowalk, photography training etc. Apart from these conventional events, WPAI USA is committed to creating an academic network of photographers who not only shot photographs but also write articles on photography. 


WPAI USA wishes all the photographers in the USA a happy and rewarding photography journey ahead!!!


Thanking you